The Annual Investors Meeting is here again!

The biggest platform where the world’s top Investors come together to discuss everything from business to social happening, creating massive business networking and investment opportunities. M&C Group presented various investment opportunities in both Private and Public Sectors to Investors at the previous event and it is hoped other Ghanaian Companies will participate in the event this year to climax the occasion.
The Group Chairman, Mr. Michael Bartlett Vanderpuye will lead a Team of Investment Consultants from Ghana, Cameroun, Central Africa Republic and South Africa, presenting various investment opportunities in Real Estate, Minerals Trading, Mining and Construction, Commodity Trading, Agribusiness, and Energy. Other areas of business will be introduced to Investors to crave their interests since the Aim is to get very strategic Partners/Investors to invest in these fields of business

M&C Group is proud to be the first and still participating

Group Chairman of M&C Group, Mr. Michael Bartlett-Vanderpuye in a pensive mood at the just open Annual Investors Meeting in Dubai. He is there to showcase what investors need to consider in the economic panorama of business from Ghana. M&C Group enjoys some recognition from the investors who participated in the previous meeting and are keen on tapping the extensive advantages in the various business fields.

Mr. Michael Vanderpuye, Group Chairman of M&C Group in a chat with an investor at Annual Investors Meeting currently going on in Dubai. M&C Group is in full attendance to showcase the available investment opportunities which abound in Ghana.

Mr. Emmanuel Attoh, Marketing Executive of M&C Group at the Annual Investment Meeting to learn the tenets that have made Investors so proud as movers of world’s economic panorama.